Patchwork Cacophony

Contact: info [at] patchworkcacophony [dot] com
Twitter: @PatchworkCacoph
Facebook: PatchworkCacophony


1. Wake Up (1m53)
2. Carpe Diem (10m49)
3. Perspective I (1m14)
4. Blind Faith (10m05)
5. My Home Is Tomorrow (8m22)
6. Perspective II (1m20)
7. Castaway (10m57)
8. Wake Up (reprise) (2m11)

Stream or download on Bandcamp or buy on CD at Patchwork Studios.

What about Spotify? Although the full album is not available on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music (only on Bandcamp), there is an EP of much shorter versions of the four main tracks available, called Halfhourglass. If you like what you hear there, please do consider buying the album here or from Bandcamp. This advice holds generally for music lovers as it ensures that your money actually reaches the musicians you're listening to rather than simply making shareholders of streaming companies richer.