Patchwork Cacophony

Patchwork Cacophony is the solo prog rock project of multi-instrumentalist Ben Bell. Originally conceived in 2013 during the writing sessions for Fusion Orchestra 2's Casting Shadows it served as a holding space for material than didn't fit that band's style. The self-titled debut album was released in 2014 and channeled classic-era prog bands such as Genesis and Camel, even drawing direct comparisons to Rick Wakeman's solo albums.

A follow up, Five of Cups was released in 2016 and indirectly resulted in Ben being invited to join Gandalf's Fist initially as a live keyboard player, then subsequently as an official member of the band.

As the sessions for Gandalf's Fist's acclaimed Widdershins drew to a close, Ben returned to the studio to work on material which would eventually form 2024's third Patchwork Cacophony album: Hourglass.

The music of Patchwork Cacophony has a traditional full rock band arrangement rather than using loops or synthesized drums. It is heavily keyboard driven with a focus on instruments such as hammond organ, piano and mellotron and trademark multi-layered vocals, but while there are extended instrumental passages the emphasis is on the music rather than pyrotechnic displays of virtuosity.

After an eight year hiatus which saw Ben releasing albums with Gandalf's Fist and Broken Parachute, 2024 marks the return of Patchwork Cacophony with the long-awaited third album, Hourglass. This time featuring James Chapman on drums it also has a cameo from Pat Sanders of Drifting Sun.

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The second album, Five of Cups, was released in November 2016. Eight tracks and over an hour of material, the album further develops the musical landscape carved out in the first album. Unlike the debut album, it is not an entirely solo effort and features two guest guitarists, Marcus Taylor (Broken Parachute and Kashgar) and Tim Hall, on a track each.

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The self-titled debut album features a mix of instrumental and vocal material, ranging in mood from playful to symphonic grandeur, and culminating in the nine-part suite "Dawn Light".

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